michaellll (xairbudx) wrote in hotdoglovin,

Battle Royale: Chicago vs. New York

This is the summer of Chicago vs. New York at watchmeeatahotdog.com. Who has the tallest buildings? Best sports teams? Zaniest locals? Lovable accents? Nah, we don't give a shit about any of that. We just want to know who has the best HOT DOGS. Both cities are big dots on the national hot dog map, each with their own hallowed hot dog stands, their own flavors, and their own traditions. It's going to be stiff competition, but we'll see it through and come out with an uncontested victor!

The food network all but declared New York to be victor in the PIZZA contest. Can Chicago bounce back, or will it always be America's "Second city?" We'll be visiting both cities for taste tests, holding online polls, interviews with distinguished guests, and much more this summer. Stay tuned!

We, the hot dog crue, got round-trip tickets to Chicago off of Hotwire for a mere $180 each. In town May 13-17! Some bands who happen to be playing inbetween all the eating, girl-chasing, drug use and record-shopping:

MOTO, Knaughty Knights (west bank representin), Reatards, Testors, Zodiac Killers, Clorox Girls, Guilty Pleasures, Tyrades, Catholic Boys, Deadly Snakes...not to distract us from our mission though-

Any Chicago-area hot dog stand recommendations?
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